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Launching and docking your kayak has never been easier.  Kayak Dock solves the problem of whether or not you want to launch your kayak from the land, or in the water.  
Launch and dock on the water ...   "Paddle-on and slide-off" TM.  

Kayak Dock enables Kayaker to paddle on and slide off the Kayak Dock with ease. It stabilizes the Kayak so there is no movement.  Handrail options give Kayakers of all abilities equal access.  

There is nothing on the market that comes close to matching the ease of use of Kayak Dock.

We utilize patented components to manufacture the Kayak Dock.  Our manufacturing process is exclusive and proprietary.  We can tell you however that,  Sequential Flexing is the patented connecting system that allows the Kayak Dock modules to flex in sequence to each other as you and the Kayak slide effortlessly into the water.  It is our exclusively designed launch channel coupled with Sequential Flexing technology that enables a smooth launch.

Kayak Dock can be a stand-alone system, but most of our customers moor the Kayak Dock to existing pilings or bulkhead with an exclusive Tide Management system.  The Kayak Dock then becomes as stable as "getting into a Kayak in the middle of a parking lot ".

What does a professional outfitter think about Kayak Dock ?  

Video above shows a  Kayak Outfitter using Kayak Dock for safe customer launch "We were looking for a way to safely launch 1st time kayakers with no kayak experience. We have launched hundreds of customers with no rollovers, no injuries" 

Captain Zach McKenna of St. Augustine Eco Tours offers private kayak excursions on the inland waters surrounding historic St. Augustine, Florida and has this to say about the Kayak Dock launch system.    "St. Augustine Eco Tours utilizes new double kayaks with rudders for the ultimate in safety, comfort, and maneuverability. We are one the few companies that uses Kayak Dock to make entry and exit into the kayaks effortless. We were looking for a way to safely launch 1st time kayakers with no kayak experience.  We have launched hundreds of customers with  no rollovers,  no injuries  and  no problems." 

"With Kayak Dock it's like getting into a Kayak in the middle of a parking lot." 

How  to  launch     a kayak video   

Kayak Dock for all types of Sail Boats.

Economy kayak dock with handrail moored to existing pilings


The reason we have designed the Kayak Dock was to help customers launch a Kayak from a conventional dock.  The two biggest problems are tide fluctuation and waves created by wind and boat traffic.  Now launching your kayak can be safe.  A ladder or ramp allows you to step down on the Kayak Dock ... position your Kayak in the launch channel ... step in the Kayak and leisurely sit down ... then slide off into the water.  Yes, you can even launch in "chop" or in rolling waves from boat traffic.

smooth launch & storage for: paddle boards, kayaks, canoes

ADA Kayak Docks & Gangways

Kayak Dock ... "Paddle-on ... Slide-Off"

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Kayak Dock lift is the perfect solution for Kayak Docking  -  Kayak launching  -  Kayak Storage  +  storage and "paddle-on" docking for:  canoes, paddle boards, rowboats, rowing shells, sail boats, peddle boats, kayaks with amas or outriggers, fishing kayaks, kayaks with peddles, motorized kayaks



The ease of "Paddle-on and Slide-off" TM, as demonstrated in the videos will not be possible with similar products designed for Jet Skis, dinghies and boats.  The exclusive Kayak Dock proprietary bow and stern configurations, with adjustable ballast system, is not illustrated. Customers of Kayak Dock are not authorized to photograph, illustrate or share pictures of the Kayak Dock.  Buyer beware of imitators and pirates claiming to be Kayak Dock ... the systems do not work the same as those designed and shipped by Kayak Dock. We have had a number of calls from Park Managers that have purchased Jet Ski docks from marine suppliers claiming that they are Kayak Dock. We deal direct with Design Firms, Government, State Park Administrators and Consumers ... Shipping is direct to you from Queenstown, MD. We are sorry that we can not help you resolve problems with pirated systems from other marine suppliers and contractors. State Administrators need to confirm sourcing ... if your bid states "or similar product" you will create a future problem.        

how to dock a kayak

How  a  Veteran with  no  legs uses  Kayak  Dock

wide Range of sizes Available  

  any budget, for any size  

    kayak or sailing craft   

how to dock a canoe

                                                          (877) 4U KAYAK   or  (877) 485 2925    sales@KayakDock.com

How  to  launch     a canoe video   

kayak dock with optional handrails

ADA (American Disabilities Act) Compliant Kayak Docking Systems, with handrails and transfer bench, are custom designed, engineered, and manufactured for the needs of Parks, outfitters and individuals.  People of all abilities have equal access to water sports. High grade, heavy duty, marine aluminium and stainless steel components ensure long life and durability. Modules utilized in the construction have a Limited-Life Time Warranty.  ADA Title III ... Public Accommodations:  has specific requirements related to architectural standards for Public Use Dock and marina facilities.  Kayak Dock systems exceed these standards providing equal access for all clients. 

"Paddle-On  Slide-off"TM

(877) 4U KAYAK   or   (877) 485 2925    sales@KayakDock.com


ADA Kayak Docks for PARKS