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Paddling Technique - Paddle Strokes

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Kayak Dock Executive Summary

Kayak Docks are modular floating Dock systems that are constructed of high density polyethylene modules and carry a limited lifetime warranty.  They are modular, changeable, expandable and can be configured to match any dock configuration you require.   You will soon realize Kayak Dock launches are the easiest to use and of the highest quality available worldwide.  These systems are designed for special needs clients and comply with ADA guidelines for equal access to water recreation activities.  Government Agencies and State Parks utilize Kayak Docks for safe launch and docking, for their clients in public facilities. Kayak Dock designs many accessories which can be used in conjunction with our accessible kayak launch.

These floating kayak docks can either be integrated with an existing traditional dock, or sit as a stand-alone launch.  Kayak Dock floating systems are available in many sizes and configurations, and will work in deep water, shallow water, fluctuating water or even no-water conditions.  These modular docks are designed to withstand extreme weather conditions, and can remain in the water year round since ice has no affect on the dock structure.

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