Kayak Dock can be made as wide or as long as needed.   It can be made with one launch channel or multiple launch channels.  Other lanes can be added for storage of Kayaks, paddle boards, canoes, sail boats or water toys. 

Kayak Outfitters and those that service clients in the: Canoe rental business • Kayak rental business • Canoe and Kayak livery • Float trips • Tubing rental business • White water rafting business, have found that utilizing Kayak Dock launch systems for paddle-on docking and slide-off launches provides for superior client satisfaction. This has lead to repeat business with many referrals, which is good for business.    

New Kayak Dock designed for Hobies = easy "paddle-on & Slide-Off"

(877) 4U KAYAK      sales@KayakDock.com

kayak dock can launch, dock  &  store Hobies with amas or outriggers 

(877) 4U KAYAK      sales@KayakDock.com

(877) 4U KAYAK      sales@KayakDock.com

                                                          (877) 4U KAYAK   or  (877) 485 2925    sales@KayakDock.com

(877) 4U KAYAK      sales@KayakDock.com

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kayak types & hulls

(877) 4U KAYAK      sales@KayakDock.com

UNIVERSAL HD  KAYAK DOCK  - commercial configuration      

Size: 5' wide x 160" long

Item No: D01-02-HD-KAYAK                                                                                                                  

Call for price 

Kayak Dock Pricing for Kayaks

UNIVERSAL HD KAYAK DOCK with two starboard lanes

Size: 8'4" wide x 160" long 

Call for price



Size: 10' wide x 160" long

Item No: D02-02-HD-KAYAK

Call for price  

(illustrated with optional cleats)


*ECONOMY KAYAK DOCK                                                       

Size: 5' wide x 120" long

Cubes: 14 - constructed of "half" modules with freeboard (water line to deck top) of 8"

Item No: D01-02-ECO-KAYAK


*Limited supply  - This system is constructed of demonstrator modules used for boat shows.  This Kayak Dock is for residential use only.  At

 10' long it is  short for most applications, and it is intended to be moored to existing floating systems.  For use by one person at one time for 

 a total weight not to exceed 250lbs.  If more weight is added more modules must be added.  (illustrated with optional cleats)   



With Kayak Dock you can dock, launch and store:

 Ocean Kayaks,
 Used Kayaks,
 Touring Kayaks,
 Fishing Kayaks,
 Sit-on-top Kayaks,
 Recreational Kayaks,
 Tandem Kayaks,
 Sailing Kayaks,
 Kayaks with outriggers,  
 Kayaks with amas.
 Sail Boats

A Kayak Dock can be manufactured to accommodate Kayaks with outriggers, amas and retractable keels.  Kayak Docks have been purchased for docking kayaks by these manufacturers:             

Advanced Elements, Inc.
Bic Sport North America

Current Designs
Chesapeake Light Craft, LLC
Delta Kayaks

Eddyline Kayaks
Elie Kayaks
Emotion Kayaks, Inc.
Epic Kayaks, Inc.
Equinox Kayaks
Feathercraft Products
Folbot, Inc.
Future Beach Corporation
Hobie Kayaks
Hurricane Kayaks
Impex Formula Series
Impex Kayaks
Innova Recreational Products
Jackson Kayak
NC Kayaks

Necky Kayaks
Nelo Kayaks
Nigel Dennis Kayaks, Ltd.
North Shore Sea Kayaks
Old Town Canoe Co.
Pelican International
Peregrine Kayaks
Point 65 Kayaks Sweden
Pygmy Boats Inc.
QCC Kayaks
Sea Eagle Inflatable Boats
Seabird Designs
Stellar Kayaks
Swift Canoe & Kayak
TRAK Kayaks
Valley Sea Kayaks
Walrus Kayaks
Warren Light Craft
Wilderness Systems

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